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Gain a competitive edge online with our SEO for doctors. SEO helps new prospective patients find you online. SEO content answers questions and solves problems prospects are searching for. It also guides them to the next step in choosing you as a provider.  

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is popular among many medical practices because it provides fast results. However, many medical providers come to us frustrated by the quality of leads and traffic they get from PPC, and the low return on investment. SEO optimized content invariably produces higher quality leads. Content that answers questions before they contact you pre-qualifies prospects. On average, SEO produces three dollars for every dollar spent.

SEO facilitates conversions. While getting your information in front of many people is great, it’s what those people do once they get to your site that matters. Converting visitors into prospects, and prospects into patients, is key. Examples of features that aid conversion include online appointment scheduling, live chat, incentives and special offers. Effectively converting traffic ensures the money you spend on SEO is well spent.

SEO is a long-term commitment. According to industry surveys, most SEO experts agree it takes roughly six months to see SERP rank improvements. Depending on the competitiveness of the market and keywords, first page rankings can take anywhere from one to two years. Right now, local opportunities are strong. And, low-hanging keyword fruit exists in many practice areas. Our experts optimize for both near-and long-term results.

SEOs’ value and effectiveness compound over time as search engines collect data on your site. Initial investments yield better results over time. When you do get SEO results, maintaining them and building on them requires fewer resources and costs. The sooner you start, the harder it will be for competitors to outrank you later.

The more aggressive your business goals are, the more costly your Doctor SEO campaign will be. Answers to questions like how many new leads does your medical practice expect, how quickly are you looking for results, and how extensive an overhaul your site needs contribute to costs.

DAP works with your budget and timeline to execute high-quality deliverables. Whatever your campaign spend, your doctor’s office or medical practice will benefit.

DAP ensures your investment is worth it. A common way to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your SEO for Doctors campaign is to subtract the cost of your investment from the return on your investment and divide that figure by the cost of your investment. This is just one relatively broad way to calculate ROI. Digital Authority Partners can provide you with more detail when we work together. We provide detailed reporting for your back office staff.

Helping Medical Practices
Increase Their Visibility Online

Case Studies

athena health


  • 140% increase in revenue-to-date
  • 40% increase in app engagement
  • 36% increase in surveys taken by the 2M+ doctors
    on the app
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imaware laptop


  • 1,400+ #1 Position Keywords in Google Search
  • 11,400% Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic Within 2 years
  • 70,500+ # of healthcare keywords ranking
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  • Page 1 ranking for primary keyword
  • 65% increase to both page views and time on site
  • 43% increase in conversion rate
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate
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  • We’re Focused on the Future. We continually refine our approach to SEO to stay ahead of the curve
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