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Experience is a major factor when choosing an agency to run your paid social media campaigns. Many reports confirm that paid social success carries a steep learning curve. Agencies give you a solid advantage over DIY approaches. Even in-house paid social managers are at a disadvantage to agencies because agencies are likely to have experienced many of the issues social media marketers have across a range of industries and offers. Ask the agency for case studies. Check the agency’s online reviews. Ask about experience in your industry? Who will work on your account? What is their experience? What is the agency’s process? How do they bill? How many other accounts does your team manage? What do they report and how frequently? Are people available by phone or email? Are they a full-service agency? Can they handle all your digital marketing in one place? Considering these factors will help you choose the best agency to manage your paid social media.

Paid social media is best for top-funnel campaigns. Top-funnel prospects have little or no interest or awareness of your offers. Mid-funnel prospects are in the awareness and consideration phase. Bottom-funnel prospects are ready to purchase. Getting prospects to become aware of and interested in your offers is one of the most important and challenging aspects of marketing. If prospects don’t know you exist, you can’t move them through your funnel. Paid social is great at bringing awareness and works especially well for ecommerce. Especially when considering SEO and PPC keyword competitiveness and costs. Paid social can help you reach customers not actively searching for related products.

With creativity, paid social has applications across many industries. For instance, a dental practice may use geotargeting to bring awareness of cosmetic dentistry services to social media consumers living in certain cities. A law firm might use Facebook remarketing to show ads to someone who has previously visited their site. Online retailers may upload customer lists for remarketing. B2B SaaS firms may target decision-maker job titles using LinkedIn Ads. Contact us to learn more about how paid social media can help your business.

Yes, we have experience managing large ad spend budgets and delivering excellent ROAS.

Our team has managed large budget paid media campaigns for clients since 2006. Digital Authority Partners helps you extract maximum value from your paid social media advertising. On average, our client’s paid media campaigns generate $4-$5 dollars for every dollar spent. From strategy to execution, monitoring, and optimization we create campaigns that meet and exceed our client’s objectives.

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Paid Media Specialist
  • Designer
  • Content Manager
  • Analytics Manager

The team of experts working on your paid social efforts depends on your specific needs. Generally, you’ll work with a digital producer, gathering requirements and communicating your needs and expectations to our internal team. A highly experienced marketing strategist develops the high-level strategy which is translated to campaign-level efforts by a paid social media specialist. If you require design or content, our designers and content specialists create your content. A paid media analyst monitors your campaigns, optimizes, and recommends performance improvements.

Helping Companies
Reach New Customers

Case Studies

Dickson left computer


  • 10% increase in total leads YoY
  • 18% reduction in bounce rate
  • 71% increase in email click-through rate
  • 3x increase in form conversion rate
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Financial services

Kyros Insights

  • $3M In new business secured during the first year due to the marketing initiatives
  • 41% increase in email subscribers
  • #1 ranking for “Loyalty program liability”
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Professional Services

Table XI

  • 14% increase in pageviews
  • 20% increase in organic traffic
  • 10% decrease in site-wide exit rate
  • 6% more sessions per user
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  • We’re Experienced. Our expert marketing team has experience working with B2B companies of various sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 giants.
  • We’re On-Time and On-Budget. The DAP team explores all possible paid social media strategies and assets to deliver the best results for your team.
  • Performance-Based Pricing Models. Our team prepares your company for the future, laying the groundwork for continued social media success.
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