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Why Raleigh-Durham Companies Choose Us As Their SEO Partner

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We’re Experienced.

Our track record speaks for itself — 1.5 million visitors driving and over 300,000 page-one first-place rankings for our clients in Raleigh and all over the world.

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We’re On-Time and On-Budget.

Our experience enables us to accurately assess how much it will cost and how long it will take to produce the exact results you want to achieve.

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We’re Award-Winning.

DAP is proud to have been honored by Clutch,, and UpCity as a top SEO agency.

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We’re Focused on the Future.

We aren’t here for short-term, unsustainable wins. We stay on the cutting edge to set you up for long-term success.

Our Raleigh SEO Work

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  • $3M New business secured during the first year due to marketing efforts
  • #1 Loyalty program lifetime value software ranking on Google
  • 13.54% The click-through rate on email (vs. ~2.5% industry average)
  • 15% Reduction in cost to serve by leveraging business intelligence solution
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  • 10% increase in total leads YoY
  • 18% reduction in bounce rate
  • 71% increase in email click-through rate
  • 3x increase in form conversion rate
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Software as a Solution
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Cove Markets

  • 52% Increase in PQLs YoY
  • 2,321% Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic to the website in 18 months
  • 81.12% Increase in time on page across the website after the rebranding
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  • 1,400+ #1 Position Keywords in Google Search
  • 11,400% Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic Within 2 years
  • 70,500+ # of healthcare keywords ranking
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Why You Should Choose Digital Authority Partners as
Your Raleigh SEO Company

Data-Driven Strategy for your Raleigh Website

Many Raleigh SEO companies wing it. They make some of the right moves —maybe even all the right moves when trying to do SEO “by the book” … but every company is different. Take the wrong approach, and you may end up doing too little (with few or no results to show for it) or doing too much (and end up blowing through your budget). Sometimes, companies just end up doing way too much of the wrong thing.

DAP starts with the data. We look at where your company stands right now within the Raleigh marketplace and devise a strategy to put your resources to the best possible use to get you results in the shortest-possible time frame.

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Focused Like a Laser On Your Success

DAP is a Raleigh SEO company committed to one thing and one thing only — the success of our clients. If we can’t deliver value through our Raleigh SEO services, we don’t deserve your business. But we have driven over 1.5 million clicks and 300,000 page-one top-of-page rankings precisely because we can deliver that kind of value to Raleigh companies.

 There’s a reason we have “partners” in our name. We regard our client relationships as true partnerships; we don’t succeed unless you succeed. Our only goal is to be a valued member of the team — your “ace in the hole” to grow, scale, and prosper.

Thorough Tracking Through Analytics

We only deserve your business if we can produce results. How do we know if our Raleigh SEO services are working for you? Though scrupulous tracking of analytics. DAP uses industry-best analytics to drill down to the numbers — numbers that tell us what’s working, what isn’t, where to trim the fat and where to double down.

By going all-in on analytics, you will never have doubts that what we are doing is working. SEO is a long-term commitment, but even before the revenue stops flowing, you can count on the data moving in your favor — proof positive that SEO is worth the investment. Don’t go on faith — go by numbers.

Team Members

Commitment to Support

Partnership means dedication to the success of the team. That means never leaving a teammate hanging. DAP is committed to long-term partnerships with our clients, which means a commitment to ongoing support.

We don’t make a few changes, add a few backlinks, and disappear. We stand by our work, and back it up with continued Raleigh SEO services until your strategy is up and running, producing results, and completely sustainable. Our job isn’t done until you are completely satisfied.  Even then, we know we are not done. We are here to make adjustments, course corrections, and refinements as needed.