Case Studies

Digital Authority Partners provides customizable solutions designed to maximize your content marketing ROI. Check out some of the more complex marketing challenges we’ve been tasked to solve – and our stellar results!

Fortune 500 Retailer

The Challenge

The client launched a series of in-store digital products for retail associates to use during their consultative sales discussions with prospective customers. Despite being used by some 30,000 associates in over 500 stores, the adoption rate of these digital products failed to meet targeted metrics, with total usage accounting to less than 10% of the company’s retail staff.

Our Approach

To increase user adoption, we developed a set of strategies to further engage our client’s sales associates and prospects by:

  • Creating a series of interactive visual aids designed to introduce key features of the digital products;
  • Designing visual release notes for sales associates that listed the incentives of adopting the newly launched features;
  • Creating an onboarding guide for new associates that offered a visual crash course on the main features of the new applications;
  • Creating a series of monthly communications highlighting soon-to-be-released features.

The results

Our plan to create and regularly disseminate user friendly updates proved to be an incredibly successful adoption strategy. After only one year of execution, the client saw a staggering 540% increase in associate adoption of its in-store digital products. In addition, the client reported a significant spike in user satisfaction and a substantial increase in sales.

Services used: Content Strategy, Content Creation, Visual Design

Service as a Solution Technology Company

The challenge

The client is an up-and-coming, fully funded SaaS company with extensive market share in their niche. They provide a robust product that has garnered highly positive, unbiased reviews. However, the client relied on search engine marketing (SEM) as its primary driver of online traffic, costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Despite spending close to $100,000 on paid ads, monthly traffic to their website remained flat.

Our approach

We started off by researching a list of keywords the client wanted to rank high for in Google. We also compiled our own keyword list for the client, given the types of searches most often conducted by decision makers in a position to purchase their solution (market research). After identifying over 30 of the keywords that we wanted the company to rank for in Google (organic search), we created long form authoritative blog posts targeting each of the keywords.

We published the articles, then reached out to various niche influencers asking them to mention our posts in their upcoming newsletters, blog posts, videos, and reviews. We created original infographics that received thousands of shares on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We also managed the company’s social media presence (calendar, content, comments, social media interactions) and their newsletter calendar and subscriber lists.

The results

Within eight months of implementing our strategy, the client reported a 500% increase in organic traffic. They ranked in Google’s top 10 results for 22 out of the 30 targeted keywords. They received hundreds of backlinks from authoritative influencers, tripled their subscriber list, and tripled their social media presence and engagement rate.

The client was also able to reduce their SEM budget by 80% by replacing previously paid-for traffic with newly acquired (and free) organic traffic. Finally, the client reported an increase in leads from their blog postings – with some users calling directly for quotes after reading the client’s blog.

Services used: Content Strategy, Content Creation, PR & Influencer Outreach, SEO Strategy, Social Media Marketing

Online Spanish Grocery Shop

The challenge

The client is a startup that sells Spanish food online to clients in the United Kingdom. Although the client derived the majority of its revenue from businesses in the UK, they wanted to expand online and penetrate the B2C market. However, the keywords they wanted to rank for were too competitive and too expensive ($5.00 to $15.00 per click). They wanted to find a way to get in front of their target market without spending a fortune on AdWords.

Our approach

In addition to redesigning their website, we implemented on-page SEO for each web page. We researched the best keywords and added them to relevant pages of the website. To boost e-commerce performance, we optimized each product page to rank for a specific keyword (we identified more than 60 keywords, one for each of the chosen products). For the more generic keywords related to Spanish food, we created long form authoritative blog posts targeting each of the keywords. After publishing the articles, we reached out to various influencers to get shares and links.

The results

Within three months of implementing the strategy, the client reported a 500% increase in organic traffic. They now rank in Google’s top 10 results for several of the targeted keywords. Some products even hit the #1 spot on Google, while others continue to climb the ranks thanks to the powerful combination of keyword research and content marketing.

Services used: Content Strategy, Content Creation, Visual Design, Digital Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, PR & Influencer Outreach

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